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Black Folks Camp Too Partners with North Carolina RV Dealers Association to Increase Unity in the RV Community and Beyond

NCRVDA Completes BFCT’S Digital Education Initiative for “More” RV Customers

Charlotte, North Carolina (October, 13, 2022) – If you are a resident of Charlotte, NC, you may have, for the first time ever, recently heard an RV Show advertisement on an Urban radio station by a man who founded the company, Black Folks Camp Too. After a high-flying career as an executive in global sales across various industries, Earl B. Hunter Jr. went camping for the first time in Western North Carolina and was suddenly “all in.” In 2017, while working for Sylvansport RV & Camping Trailer Company as the Vice President of Sales and driving sales revenue from $815K per year to $17M in 4 years, Earl took a cross-country camping trip with his son. After 20 states, including 2 Canadian provinces, and 49 campgrounds, Earl was shocked (and a little appalled) at having encountered only ONE other black family camping. Black Folks Camp Too was launched October 10th, 2019, on stage at the Outdoor Economy Conference in Asheville, North Carolina where Mr. Hunter was the event’s Master of Ceremonies. The mission of Black Folks Camp Too is to remove generational fears, add knowledge, and invite more Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone.

A 2021 data report by Go RVing stated the demographic profile of the RV owner and consumer is 85-88% White. Black Folks Camp Too has partnered with Go RVing and other organizations to improve the current narrative and invite more diversity among RV buyers while promoting more Unity in the RV community. The BFCT and Go RVing Dealership Education Initiative highlights the Unity Blaze message and mission to “Treat, Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”

Last month, the North Carolina RV Dealers Association (NCRVDA) officially partnered with Black Folks Camp Too (BFCT) to invite more dealer and customer relationships. The initiative follows the recent BFCT and Go RVing launch of the educational training series for the RV industry to learn why more diverse audiences have not shopped for RVs, and how to – sincerely and delightfully – invite and welcome all folks to the RV lifestyle.

Travis Creech, President of the North Carolina RV Dealers Association says – “Bringing everybody together in unity at the campgrounds… NCRVDA members all have that positive goal to the RVing Lifestyle. What better way to display – welcome everyone, everywhere, to the campgrounds than the Unity Blaze” – said Creech.

“I am energized that our company and our mission is to invite MORE Black folks to purchase RVs and to enjoy the RV lifestyle. However, I am more energized that NCRVDA dealers have accepted our Dealer Education training and are brandishing our Unity Blaze symbol. When you see the Unity Blaze symbol at your local RV Dealer locations, you know that they are serious about promoting more Unity in the Outdoor community and beyond! Your race, age, and gender do not matter, we all have something to say around the campfire,” says Hunter.

The RV lifestyle provides families across America access to health, togetherness, adventure, and real campfire conversations. Those conversations create compassion and Unity, and we find “we have more sames than differences.” North Carolina’s RV dealers are inviting everyone to join the lifestyle.


North Carolina’s Unity Blaze Certified Dealerships:

A&L RV Sales, Greenville, NC 

Camper’s In RV, multiple locations, NC

Country Camping Corner, Kings Mountain, NC

Country Roads RV Center, Lexington, NC

D&H RV & Marine, Apex, NC

Rex and Sons RV, Wilmington, NC

Shaw RV, multiple locations, NC

Terrell Camping Center, Terrell, NC

Stay up to date on certified dealerships, view state parks partners, book camping sites, explore career opportunities in the industry, and get your Unity Blaze gear and merch at blackfolkscamptoo.com

Check out upcoming NCRVDA Shows in North Carolina and view full listing of businesses at northcarolinarvda.com

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