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Gaston County Tourism Partners with Black Folks Camp Too


You are Invited and Welcomed to enjoy Gaston County’s Outdoor Industry and Lifestyle.

Black Folks Camp Too is proud to announce its latest partnership with Gaston County Tourism, which includes an exciting collection of outdoor spaces like the Whitewater Center, hiking trails such as those at Crowders Mountain State Park, parks and paddling at the Catawba River, and over 25 miles of the Carolina Thread Trail, just to name a few. Gaston County’s over 80 parks are located in the foothills of North Carolina; they are family-friendly, easily accessible, and naturally beautiful. 

Black Folks Camp Too aims to make EVERYONE feel “Invited and Welcomed” through the message of their Unity Blaze – the campfire symbol at the center of their logo. 

“It is truly remarkable to partner with Gaston County TDA on this project.  Gaston County is signaling to the world that You are Invited and Welcomed to enjoy every aspect of their outdoor community. 

Gaston County makes a proactive move by partnering with Black Folks Camp Too to promote more Unity in its Outdoor Community and Beyond. In 2021, Black Folks Camp Too was invited to Crowders Mountain and shared research and data about the underrepresentation of Black people in the outdoor industry. This initial meeting was a catalyst for the official partnership between Gaston County and BFCT. 

Gaston County now displays the Unity Blaze, symbolizing its commitment to unity in the outdoors. The trajectory of this partnership will create further Unity in the outdoor community throughout Gaston County. 

“Our partnership with Black Folks Camp Too is a testament to our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and unity in Gaston County’s outdoor industry. Together, we aim to dismantle barriers, foster a sense of belonging, and celebrate the beauty of nature with individuals from all walks of life. The Unity Blaze serves as a powerful visual representation of our mission, symbolizing our dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.”  says Melissa McCauley, Marketing Manager for Gaston County Tourism Development.


What does it mean to be Unity Blaze Certified?

The Unity Blaze Certification is a comprehensive customer service course that illuminates “WHY” Black Folks Camp Too was created. WHY many Black folks have not entertained the outdoor lifestyle, and WHY it’s important to Invite and Welcome “more” Black folks – and other folks – to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. All in all, the Unity Blaze Certification course was designed to “Increase Unity in the Outdoor Community and Beyond” while helping the Outdoor Industry increase revenue for years to come.

The real power of Unity Blaze Certification lies in its symbolism. When folks of ALL races, ages,

and genders see the Unity Blaze Symbol, they know they are Invited and Welcomed! To that end, Gaston County Tourism will feature the Unity Blaze on its website and other

marketing literature — as well as onsite at parks, trails, and campgrounds.

About Gaston County Tourism

Gaston County Tourism Development is the official tourism department for Gaston County, NC. Our mission is to drive visitation and foster economic growth. With our 2030 Vision of becoming the premier outdoor recreation destination in the Piedmont region and our dedication to promoting the outdoor industry and lifestyle, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all backgrounds. Connect with us on social media and visit our website to explore the exciting outdoor opportunities in Gaston County.

About Black Folks Camp Too

Black Folks Camp Too is a company headed by Outdoor Industry Executives. Our mission is to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite “more” Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with ANY and EVERYONE. At the center of their logo is the Unity Blaze, which means ”You are Invited and Welcomed.” Your race, age, and gender do not matter. We are changing the world…one campfire at a time folks!

We all have something to say around the campfire. Learn more at blackfolkscamptoo.com.

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