BFCT + Oboz O FIT Insole Plus Unity Blaze


We’ve partnered with Oboz and taken their O FIT Insole Plus and changed the top sheet to prompt wearers to “put a little soul in your step.” The trim-to-fit BFCT + O FIT Insole Plus ‘Unity Blaze’ is an upgrade in just about any shoe.


Dual-density EVA throughout provides both cushioning and durability, and special reinforcement under the metatarsal and heel adds extra protection to high-strike zones. Your purchase of the BFCT + Oboz O FIT Insole Plus ‘Unity Blaze’ will benefit the development of our Digital Education Initiative.


The Unity Blaze forges bonds across all aspects of adventure with the motto, “treat everyone, everywhere, equally.” Our mission is to remove fears, add knowledge and invite “more” Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone.

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