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Escape The Quarantine: 7 Ways To Practice Camping At Home

Perfect your camping skills from the comfort of your own home! Setting up the perfect campsite takes time and lots (and lots) of practice. But practice does make perfect and if you save time during setup, you can get to the fun activities sooner. If you want to practice camping but don’t have the gear, reach out to a TRUSTED neighbor to see if borrowing (and properly sanitizing) during the quarantine period is an option. This is also a great way to test out gear to see what best suits the needs of you and your family.

1. Practice Pitching a Tent In The Backyard:

Practice pitching your tent solo or get help from the whole family! This will help you familiarize yourself with the setup process, how long it takes, and it’s a perfect time to make sure your tent is in proper working order and your rain fly is in the bag. 

2. Seal Your Tent (…Finally):

It’s the worst part of tent maintenance but it is THE MOST important step. Using an aerosol spray to seal your tent isn’t advised indoors and it’s best if the tent has 24 hours to air out before use. Capitalize on this time, seal your tent, wait 24 hours, then get your camp on!

3. Building A Fire 101:

Grab some firestarter, kindling, and logs and work on your teepee technique. Test out new methods, try your hand at campfire cooking, and tell some ghost stories. 

4. Build/Buy a Backyard Fire Pit:

Rocks or a metal containment system is HIGHLY recommended especially in the backyard for the safety of your family and your house! Build, buy, or borrow a fire pit and get the party started.

5. Learn How To Identify Local Flora And Fauna:

Learning how to identify the local flora and fauna will help you keep out of poisonous plants and keep your kids/dogs from eating berries or mushrooms that they shouldn’t. It also kills some time while encouraging family bonding!

6. SplashBath:

Kids love playing in the garden hose and a large bin or kiddie pool will lead to lots of laughs! Weather permitting, this is a great way to entertain. Bonus points for clean kiddos!

7. Multipurpose Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats are so versatile and now is a great time to get a work out in, do some meditation, or use them as sleeping pads for your backyard campventures! Nothin in the rules that say you can’t do all three!

Check out our #QuarantineCampin list to help you gather what you need around the house and get out into the great backyard!

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