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Tips For Your First Pop Up Camping Trip

Keep Your First Trip Simple and Close To Home

This is a basic camping tip I give to all new campers. You never know what might go wrong, what you might forget and how much you’ll like camping the first time out. Keep it simple so you can take the time to enjoy the outdoors and keep it close to home in case you need to call it quits early.

Here’s a list of 25 Meals Ahead Camping Meals and another 47 Items That Need No Refrigeration.

Pre-Make Your Food

Who doesn’t love cooking, but too much cooking on a camping trip can be a lot of work. I prefer to make my meals ahead of time before I head out on the big trip. These can either be complete meals or meals prepped and ready to cook when you get to your campground.

Keep Your Pop Up Camper Packed With The Essentials

Go and buy a set of camping pots and pans that stay in your pop up, that way you won’t have to load cookware in and out of the camper every time you take a trip. Do the same with sleeping bags, sheets, and any other gear that would be a staple of your trips.

Make Sure To Air Out Your Pop Up After It Rains

Mold and mildew can form quickly on a packed up pop up, make sure that all of the canvas and awning are 100% drying before putting your camper away after a trip.

Plan Plenty of Fun Activities For The Whole Family

I love to just sit down and relax when I go camping, but even I like to plan some fun activities. Planning some fun activities for the family will help ensure that everyone has a great time.

Things like a scavenger hunt, a long hike, enjoying a beach, swimming, roasting marshmallows, and visiting nature centers are all great camping activities. For 99 more camping activities check out our post of 99 Fun Camping Activities.

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