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BIG Adventures and Black Folks Camp Too Partner to Welcome “More” Entrepreneurs 

Initiative is part of “Return on Inclusion” campaign with WNC MADE X MTNS (Made by Mountains) 

Asheville, NC (August 18, 2022) BIG Adventures, local leader in kayak manufacturing, has partnered with Black Folks Camp Too to create a digital marketing campaign designed to welcome audiences of color, young and old, male or female, experienced or non-experienced in the outdoors, to a booming WNC economy full of career opportunities that may never have been previously explored. 

The partnership is foundationally centered around the Unity Blaze, a symbol created by Black Folks Camp Too that promotes Unity in the outdoor industry, lifestyle, and beyond. The Unity Blaze is the campfire symbol in the center of BFCT’s logo and it means Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally. Your race, age or gender does not matter; we all have something to say around the proverbial campfire.  The mission of Black Folks Camp Too is to remove generational fear, add knowledge, and invite MORE folks of any background to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone. 

“This campaign is an invitation to a true story and pathway I hope to open to millions of more young women of color like me, for example, who had no idea about having a business career that serves, protects, and inspires natural living and healthy lifestyles,” says Raileigh Duschen, Black Folks Camp Too. 

Welcoming and partnering companies like BIG Adventures are taking initiative with Black Folks Camp Too to invite the next generations of business leaders of color to the Outdoor Industry with digital education–while at the same time, inspiring adventurously sustainable, safe, healthy, and fun lifestyles. 

“Different backgrounds and perspectives are critical to us staying ahead of the curve in our industry. As we continue to grow, we will always put diversity top of mind. It is important that we help others experience what we love who may have never been exposed to it, ” says Tyler Brown, Chief Operating Officer, BIG Adventures.

Check out this job board for current job openings in Western North Carolina 

“I am not interested in being hailed as one of the only Black executives in this space. Black Folks Camp Too was created to partner with companies to ensure more Black folks are invited into the workforce and the entrepreneurial space in the Outdoor Industry. We are changing the world…one campfire at a time folks!” says Earl B. Hunter, Black Folks Camp Too.

The “Return on Inclusion” initiative does not offer empty promises. In fact, “Asheville is home to more entrepreneurial support anywhere in America to get started in the outdoor industry,” says Noah Wilson, Director of Sector Development at Mountain BizWorks.  Business catalyst programs, grant programs, mentorship, coaching, nation-wide networking, workshops, industry conferences, and so much more are available, some even free to those ready to rapidly start, grow, and thrive in entrepreneurship. 

Learn more about Foundations for Outdoor Businesses and the Waypoint Accelerator Program

Learn more about the Catalyst Cohort Program for Entrepreneurs of Color 

As part of the “Return on Inclusion” initiative, multiple community training and industry engagement opportunities will occur throughout 2022 and 2023. Please contact info@blackfolkscamptoo.com for partnership interests.  

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About BIG Adventures:  

BIG Adventures showcases an impressively designed collection of kayak brands featuring roto-molding manufacturing by the hands of talented and diverse technicians: Native Watercraft, LiquidLogic, Bonafide, and Hurricane.

For more information, visit  bigadventures.com


About Black Folks Camp Too

The mission of BFCT is to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite more Black folks to camp, and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone. BFCT was created not only to inspire more Black folks to get outside, but to bring awareness to the reasons why more Black folks have not been participating in the outdoors, what the current industry and lifestylers can do to help create more Unity, and why they should. Learn more at blackfolkscamptoo.com.

About WNC: MADE X MTNS (Made by Mountains) 

The WNC: MADE X MTNS (Made By Mountains) Partnership is working to expand the outdoor industry and economy across North Carolina’s Appalachian region and catalyze rural development by building vibrant outdoor communities, driving outdoor industry growth, and empowering regional storytelling. Learn more at madexmtns.com  





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